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"Cover Your Assets" - New feature with LARTS 2.0
(as seen in Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News and at HSEMB Conference March 19-20)
These days, everyone is looking for ways to cut spending and overhead, without cutting results. LARTS will cut costs for you while gaining productivity and results. One of the ways LARTS adds value to your research is through our CYA functionality.
What is CYA?
With the roll-out of LARTS 2.0 comes the indispensable value of CYA, or the "Cover Your Assets" feature. Cover Your Assets is a built-in feature that now comes with all our subscription levels to do one thing, cover your assets. Here's how it works:
For LARTS Users:
Every time you do a keyword search inside of LARTS Online, that keyword is linked to your username. As we upload the daily changes from NCBI, we search those changes based on your latest keyword searches. If any of your keywords come up in a daily update, we will email you the link to that new file.
CYA Only Users:
Update a list of 25 keyword and tag-path entries as often as needed. We will then track the NCBI daily files and review them to see if any new information pertaining to your keywords exists in each daily file. If new information exists, we will contact you via email about the update and direct you to the updated file that contained your specific keywords. Sign up for CYA now. 
What this means to you:
Every day when the new changes are logged at NCBI, your searches are reviewed to see if any new information has been published, information that could help your research. No more time spent looking for new information for your research when there isn't any to be found, and no more wondering if someone else has published what you are working on. It's like having your own lab tech checking for changes every day, except you don't have to waste the time if there aren't any changes!
CYA functionality is included in all LARTS accounts at no added cost, with an option to enable it for specific users, disable it, etc. CYA is also available separately, without a subscription to LARTS. Sign Up Now.
Just another way LifeFormulae is putting time on your side.
Looking for custom implementations for your company?
We also offer Student discounts on subscription services! Contact us to apply. (Must meet qualifications for discount).
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