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Presenting LARTS: Time-Critical, Collaborative, Flexible
The LifeFormulae™ ASN.1 Reader Tool Set (LARTS)
It’s time-critical, collaborative flexibility that you’ve never had before.  Available online as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), the advanced LARTS application lets you search by keyword and tag-path to capture the GenBank data of interest. ASN.1 files are split into manageable portions that allow faster searches and downloads. 

In fact, you’ll discover something else: Our LARTS Online is also the easiest way to work with data from the ASN.1 GenBank binary files as provided by NCBI.
LARTS Online will prove just how much time it can save you, including filtering, sequence conversion, filter chaining and other manipulations of NCBI data so you can process and present genomics data in a manner consistent with extensive data mining efforts.
With our SaaS-delivered LARTS Online:
  • The ASN.1 to XML data conversion is complete, without dropped fields. Default values for fields are included in the output data. The NCBI asn2xml tool omits defaulted-value fields.
  • The generated XML is simple. It is described by an XML schema rather than the DTD used by asn2xml, so tag structure is simple and tag names are SHORT.
  • LARTS Online is written in Java so the same program file runs on any computer that supports a Java runtime.
  • No programming is needed for most tasks, including using new ASN.1 data definitions. User extensions may be added using standard Java programming interfaces.
  • LARTS ASN.1 support is complete. Most of the 2002 ASN.1 standard is implemented, enough to be useful as a general-purpose ASN.1 data reading tool.
  • LARTS Online includes the entire NCBI ASN.1 data definition set and extensive cross-reference of NCBI data types.
  • LARTS Online programs have simple graphical interfaces.
ImageLARTS Home Page Start ScreenLARTS Search Results PageOutput Format Selection - Chhose the format for your ASN.1 data results
Reader output examples:
A word about SaaS: This web-delivered service methodology is the fastest-growing trend in bioinformatics. It is neither as time- nor cost-intensive as many other data mining methods because it offers you greater functionality and far more flexibility. It is dynamic, it is “on-demand” – and as a result its implementation risks are low.
Fast, collaborative LARTS Online has been developed by William J Eaton and Pamela A Culpepper at LifeFormulae LLC – and continues to be tested and proven day after day. We’re making certain the LARTS value proposition is a winning one for you.
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