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The Administrative Side -
LARTS tools from the Account Management view
With all LARTS has to offer, why stop with the technical side? Our customer account area is filled with tools to help manage your interaction with LARTS, including tracking usage, tracking users, billing, various projects, and more. Take a look below to see how much more time you can save.
General Tab:
The General Tab displays the name of the current user/administrator and a summary of current month usage (including usage available). It also lets you know when the next time your account will be billed, and when your usage will reset for the following month.
This view is from an Administrator's account. Sub-users view a similar page, with financial information unavailable. Instead, sub-users can see a "group message," or message from the Administrator if the Administrator sets one. The administrator can post a group message, which will appear on all user accounts under that administrator, in order to post notes, directions, meeting info, etc.
Transaction Tab:
The transaction tab holds an array of useful options. An administrator can view all transactions from all sub-users in one grid, or can filter the results by user or by sub-project. You can also filter by specific dates. Then, you can export the whole list, the filtered list, etc. in multiple formats, such as Word, Excel, CSV, and PDF. This tool facilitates the accounting and administrative side of a site license to LARTS. Multiple reports can be exported, separated by project, in order to bill time/reports accurately to specific grants or research organizations. They can be filtered by users as well, for various accounting and administration to track the work done by a specific user. The capabilities of the Transactions Tab were built with the administrator in mind, facilitating organization and tracking for your underlying business. Sub-users have the same transactions view, but can only see their own usage information.
Billing Tab:
The Billing tab, (available only in an administrator account), displays your billing history. Billing history is maintained indefinitely, so you can view every payment ever made to LifeFormulae, the date of payment, and the amount (payments are actually made through secure PayPal, so payment method can be found through your PayPal account).
Users Tab:
Also in an administrators account, you can add users underneath you. This option is for site licenses only. Each site license comes with 10 users or more. You simply click the Add New User button, enter their first name, last name, and email address, and an email is sent to the new user with a temporary user name and password. The user then signs into LARTS, verifies his/her information, and can immediately start using LARTS Online. It's that simple! As administrator, you can add and delete users as needed, as well as keep track of who is a user under your account. Sub-users do not see this information.
There are many more options inside our interactive Customers Area, including managing your profile information, changing login options, modifying your subscription to LARTS, adding/deleting/editing sub projects, and sending direct feedback to LifeFormulae support. All of these tools help to shorten the time it takes to get to the answers you need!
If you have additional questions about the services a LARTS subscription can provide, please contact us. To get a look at it first hand, sign up for our FREE TRIAL.
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