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Consulting and Training from LifeFormulae
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Our Consulting services include--
Imaging and Visualization
Algorithm Development
Grid Computing
Mathematical Modeling
Data Modeling (UML)
Bio Systems Administration
Database Administration
LIMS  Development
Life Science Solutions
Sequence Analysis
Project Management (large and small)
Microarray Analysis
Bioinformatics Tutoring
NCBI Toolkit modification
Life Sciences Website Development
Life Sciences Data in all formats
Instumentation Interfacing
Please contact us for a custom quote for your specific project.

Get to Results Fasters with LifeFormulae™ Training Sessions
Every “technology solution” suffers from the black box syndrome: Its creators expect you to understand how it works from the moment you turn on your computer.  In fact, there’s enough complexity with biogenic “human-machine interfaces” as it is without adding undue complications like “basic” search tools and multifaceted access mechanisms.
Our exceptional technical capabilities are built into our products. LARTS Online is genuinely easy to operate right from the start.  But focusing only on new information technologies, without training in their use, limits the flexibility you need to work more efficiently and effectively.
LifeFormulae offers individual, hands-on training on the LARTS Online interface, or group sessions that’ll fit your working patterns.  To set up an individual training session, please contact Pam Culpepper at
Check back soon for group training workshop schedules.
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