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What Makes Life Work?
Figure it Out Faster with LifeFormulae™
At LifeFormulae, we focus on adding value for you – as bioinformatics colleagues, as scientific allies, as a cutting-edge resource for bioanalytic support.  To protect that relationship, we use the best technologies available, to make sure we are available when you need it most. Our servers are contracted through Server Intellect, voted in February 2009 the #1 among Windows servers for reliability. This means our online products can be reliably accessed 24/7/365, ready whenever you are ready, without the headaches of occasional inaccessibility other data-mining databases offer.
Our “products” are all about getting you into the realm of data usability more efficiently. LifeFormulae was founded by Dr. John Halter and William Eaton after years of fighting for access to NCBI data, only to end up with malformed XML as the result, needing even further script-writing, etc. They decided that there was a better way to get the data you need, and LifeFormulae was born. Now, instead of wrestling with NCBI toolkit scripts, users can search, extract, preview, and download each small section of data they need, rather than downloading gigabytes of data that doesn’t apply in order to access 1 megabyte of pertinent information. Doing it the old way is time lost, frustration found, and projects delayed. Halter and Eaton’s vision of something simpler, of the way it was meant to work, has come to fruition.
LifeFormulae, LLC is located in downtown Houston at 410 Pierce St, Suite 318, Houston, TX 77002, in the Houston Technology Center.
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