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From Research to Results: Faster  
ImageThe LifeFormulae™ Difference: 
Time Savings You Can Bank On
Welcome to LifeFormulae, the toolmaker for life-science researchers worldwide. Our focus: To help investigators shorten the time from research to results. Our commitment: To provide you with the quickest route to the genomic and proteomic answers you need.

Example: The LifeFormulae LARTS ASN.1 to XML converter is the quickest (and easiest) way to mine data from the ASN.1 GenBank binary files as provided by NCBI. Accessed online, LARTS users employ keyword and tag-path searches for faster results.

Through inventive tools and services like LARTS (LifeFormulae ASN.1 Reader Tool Set), LifeFormulae addresses your specific demands – whatever your title and responsibilities. Are you:
  • A professional researcher (even a Principal Investigator) involved in genetic/genomic research for a university, government and private laboratory?
  • An information technologist, working as a key contributor on a critical research team?
  •  A research laboratory manager who has to cope with the “overhead” issues involved in cutting-edge genetic research?
LifeFormulae is the resource for you – the one that can deliver what you need for a shorter time to a result, a critical product…a cure.
LifeFormulae is dedicated to putting time on your side.
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